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Visit Western Siberia

We invite you to visit one of the oldest cities in Western Siberia, a modern, fast developing city with rich historical inheritance.

Omsk was founded as a fortress on the left bank of the river Om in 1716, during the reign of Peter the Great. The founder of Omsk is considered to be lieutenant-colonel Ivan Buchgolz. He had by right evaluated the strategic benefit of the future fortress at the junction of two rivers Irtysh and Om.

The first Omsk fortress was constructed on the steep left bank of Om, it was pentagon shaped with paling and surrounding ditch.

Omsk region is located within the limits of the Southern part of West-Siberian plain. In the west and north it borders on Tumen region, in the east - on Tomsk and Novosibirsk regions, in the south and south-west - on Kazakhstan Republic.

Omsk is by right considered to be one of Siberian cultural centers. Indeed, there are 6 theaters in the city, and the oldest one - the Drama Theatre - was established in 1876. There is also Vrubel's Museum of Fine Arts, founded in 1924, - one of the Russian biggest art museums. More than 1600 invaluable pieces of art are collected there.

A great number of architectural monuments that create a peculiar city image and combine various styles - Renaissance, Siberian baroque, classicism - is located in Omsk. Most of them will appear on your Marathon Route.

Southern Siberia despite difficult climate is the region where running is very popular among people. Here you will be met with warmth by Russian runners. You will see city which enjoys it greatest running event and will participate in Russian traditional running party.

Omsk is only 3 hours flight from Moscow with several daily flights. We can offer you combined tours so you will see best of Moscow on your way back from the Siberia Marathon. Also Omsk is located right in the middle of the way between Europe and China, so if you want to include Siberian Marathon in your overall travel plan to Asia (China, Vietnam and so on) this can be easily managed by our managers.

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